Certificate for exceptional financial achievement

This certificate confirms that the company in whose ownership is this page meets all criteria for issuing a certificate for exceptional financial achievement by the credit rating agency TARGET GROUP DOOEL Skopje.

Drushtvo za instalaterski raboti, trgovija i drugi uslugi EFIKS ELEKTRIKAL DOOEL uvoz-izvoz Skopje

str. Hristo Smirnenski 12A/3, Skopje

The Company has achieved the highest criteria for financial performance in 2022 and belongs amongst the best companies in the Republic of Macedonia which are authorized to use this status as a symbol for business success and sustainability.


The certification process of the successful companies is a long-standing international practice which gives companies better reputation and advantage in choosing partners in comparison to the other companies. The holder of the certificate for exceptional financial achievement proves that he is a reliable business partner.


Issued date: June-2023

Certificate expiry: June-2024

Company information

Established date: 30.09.2013

Accountable person: Zoran Mitreski

Telephone: 38975480380

E-mail: zmitreski@efixelectrical.com.mk

VAT ID: 4080013539519

Occupation: 43.21 - Electrical installation