biznis-mreza contains: is daily updated internet platform which enables you to have direct access to business information for all legal entities and their related entities. Gives you complete picture for acquisitions and joint ventures of companies on the Macedonian market. is a great tool for monitoring and advanced search of companies on the Macedonian market, which will help you make smart business make smart business decisions. contains:

• Complete database with information about legal entities along with daily updates;
• Simple overview for all related entities from the country, as well as a graphical display of the related entities;
• Overview of authorized individuals, managers and owners including their authorizations for all Macedonian companies;
• Daily monitoring of the solvency of the entities and timely notifications for terminations, bankruptcies, prohibitions for performing an activity / profession, fines / sanctions, deletions and much more;
• Complete information for all newly founded companies. Available right after their establishment;
• Tool for advanced search of companies with previously provided criteria (city, size, company form, establishment date and much more);
• Ability to monitor the daily changes which occur in your business portfolio, with notifications sent directly to your email.


• Complete database with business information;
• Daily updates;
• Access to the ownership and organizational structure and related entities;
• Increased sales;
• Smart and accurate business decisions.

Who is it intended for? is a tool intended for:
• Company leadership, BOD members, general management and other executives;
• Authorized individuals from finance, accounting, sales and commerce;
• Business analysis departments.

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