More and more Macedonian companies are choosing to order our Credit Reports for their existing / potential business partners or their competition. The credit report gives and overview of the financial strength of a company (ability to service its debt, probability of default and etc.) which will help you in the process of choosing the right companies to do business with.

The credit reports usually contain:

• Company profile
• Brief overview of the financial standing
• Organizational and ownership structure
• Company registry information
• Branches and divisions
• Financial data (for the last 2 years) and financial indicators
• Fines, sanctions, prohibitions, bankruptcies, terminations, liquidations, bank account blocks and etc.
• Record of change for the past 12 months
•Credit Rating
•Recommended credit limit
•Cash Flow Statement
•Public Procurements(concluded contracts, realized contracts, public procurements under 50.000 eur)
•Notarized and enforceable announcements for the company
•Comparison with average values of the economy
•Comparison between total income and total expense
•Characteristics of the economy
•Negative references


• Fast and simple overview of the company operations
• Quick insight in the company financials
• Liquidity, exposure, average days of servicing of liabilities
• Instant delivery

Who are they intended for?

The credit reports are intended for those who need fast and quality information for smart business decision making. The reports have shown to be of great help for those doing financial analysis, debt collection, management, legal department, commerce and etc.

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